Each week I share new insights I learn about software engineering, business, and psychology, and how they relate to each other.

As Patrick McKenzie says "Most secrets about how the world works aren’t secrets, they’re just knowledge unevenly distributed."

Here's to playing a tiny part in distributing knowledge a little more evenly.


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Past Newsletters

Newsletter #11 - Send a Bat Signal

At work, cutting scope is a way to potentially save weeks of effort. But where does cutting scope cross the line into cutting corners? Slava and I try to find that line in: The Nonintuitive Bits episode 25: Cutting Scope

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Newsletter #5 - Keeping side projects alive

Ever notice that it’s much easier to give advice to others than to give advice to yourself? I have a group of friends from my writing class [] , and every week

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Newsletter #4 - Community Edition

Last weekend I had a huge zoom call with my extended family. Parents with nine siblings each equals many, many cousins. I met cousins who I hadn't talked to in years, saw nephews and nieces I've

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Newsletter #2 - Senior Engineering

Last week I said that I'm taking an online writing class called Write of Passage. What made me sign up for it? Well, I read a lot. I mean a LOT. Like, the-librarian-knows-me-by-name a lot. But often the

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Newsletter #1 - Interview Advice

I recently started David Perell’s course “Write of Passage” It’s an intensive 5 week class teaching how to extract all those thoughts in your head and put them down on paper. It’s a grueling pace, where you

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