Each week I share new insights I learn about software engineering, business, and psychology, and how they relate to each other.

As Patrick McKenzie says "Most secrets about how the world works aren’t secrets, they’re just knowledge unevenly distributed."

Here's to playing a tiny part in distributing knowledge a little more evenly.


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Past Newsletters

Newsletter #28 - People aren't that logical

Hey folks, Your nuggets for the week: 1. Motivation comes from Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose 2. People aren't that logical 3. Pick your ideas apart #1 Motivation comes from Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose Three factors which get you

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Newsletter #27 - Managing Up

Hey folks, Today's nuggets: 1. Complement your manager's skillset 2. Ask for what you want 3. Prove your work is important 4. Get others to prove your case #1 Complement your manager's skills Learn

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Newsletter #26 - 2020 in Review

There goes 2020. This was the year I started writing seriously. It started off as a way to remember what I read [], with this newsletter being an effective forcing function [

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#21 Help yourself by helping others

In economics class they told us people work harder as they paid more. That greed was a virtue. It sounded iffy. You may have noticed the opposite yourself: * How did you feel  the last time you worked on a project

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#20 I was Bored at Google

It felt wrong. I was one year into working at Google, one of the best companies in the world. People die to get a job here. But...something was off. I was bored. Yes, the amenities were great. The food

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Newsletter #17 - Find the Key Details

Ever find yourself reading insightful advice, but forgetting all about it when it was time to put it to action? It would happen to me all the time (heck, still does). I desperately wanted to get better about it. This

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Newsletter #16 - How to Think Better

When was the last time you changed your mind about something big? For me, it happens about every three years. The most recent one happened last January, when Naseem Taleb's book Antifragile [] pointed out

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Newsletter #15 - The Psychological Safety Paradox

Psychological safety at the workplace comes with tradeoffs. Where should you draw the line between making it safe about their performance, while still requiring people to meet expectations? Slava [] and

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Newsletter #14 - Timezone madness

My aunt has a problem: she wants to join Zoom meetings, but they're all hosted in different time zones. And she can't convert them to her local time. She has to ask for help every time.

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