I've gotten offers from Google, Stripe, Facebook, Microsoft, Patreon, Oracle Cloud, & many more, and spent over 12 years as both the interviewer and interviewee while working at Google, Microsoft, and Stripe

Over time, I realized one thing:

Standard interviewing advice falls woefully short

  • What good does it do to practice coding problems for weeks if your mind goes blank in an interview room?
  • Everyone says to be wary of the recruiters, but what if you weren’t
  • How can you show your “best self” if you’re too afraid to let it out?

Grinding interview questions isn't enough. I tested the answers to these questions multiple times (sometimes by accident).

Turns out:  Conventional wisdom gets you conventional results

But you can do better.

In this course I'll share secrets I discovered the hard way.

Interviewing is a skill and anyone can learn it.

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👨‍💻 Who is this course for?

These techniques work best for anyone applying for junior to senior software engineering roles.  That's especially true for the parts that describe how to prepare for the coding, design and behavioral portions.

However, most of the principles are timeless and will continue to serve you as you keep going up the ladder.

🗣 What are people saying about the course?

"We all love it. He has wisdom that is absolutely not conventional. I highly recommend it"

-- Louie Bacaj @LBacaj, from the "Engineering Advice You Didn't Ask For" Podcast

"Zain has a super power: formalizing his own experience in an amazing, very interesting way, with tons of insights"

-- Viacheslav Kovalevskyi @b0noi, Engineering Manager at Meta

"I like how it goes beyond the algo/big O notation and focuses on the whole interview. At Amazon, I saw a ton of candidates fail because of weak answers to system design & behavioral questions. It's only $20, so you're ROI is astronomical"

-- David Janke, Software Architect

"Zain provides solid advice on how to bring the best version of yourself during the the actual interviews. This a fantastic course and I will definitely be passing it along to others"

--Hasnain Bilgrami, Machine Learning Engineer

Get the Insider's Guide to Passing FAANG Interviews

📚 This course covers:

  • How get past the paralyzing fear of the interview room
  • How to stay up to date with the changing interview landscape so that you can always get a new offer easily
  • How to get recruiters to work for you
  • What FAANG interviewers actually look for
  • The most common mistakes I see candidates make (which no one gives them feedback on)
  • The difference between interviews for junior and senior roles
  • The mindset to have in each interview type
  • How to find & highlight your best side in behavioral interviews
  • Questions to ask during interviews
  • The best resources to prepare for all interview types
  • How to manage the manager chat
  • How you can start discovering insights of your own that'll help you ace any interview

📘 What is this course NOT?

This is not your traditional interviewing prep course. I won't be teaching you specific algorithms or what Big O notation is, though I will point you to the best resources I've found for learning those things.

Instead, you'll learn the parts of the interview process that no one talks about, the behind the scenes secrets that I had to learn the hard way, and how you can discover even more secrets on your own.

There is no magic bullet. There's no secret hack. Preparing for FAANG interviews takes time and effort. How much time? Preparing for behavioral interviews can take a week or two, while preparing for coding and design interviews could take a couple months each. Be prepared.

But this is a one time effort that will pay dividends for the rest of your career. How much extra income can these few months of work turn into over three or four decades? I'll let you do the math

Most people applying to tech companies only do a third of the interview prep required, and then wonder why they got rejected.

This course will teach you the missing two thirds.

Get the Insider's Guide to Passing FAANG Interviews

🔬 Contents

  • Introduction: 0:00
  • Why people fail: 7:13
  • Going to real interviews for practice: 8:49
  • Practice vs Serious interviews: 14:55
  • Interview process overview: 17:46

Rethinking recruiters

  • Recruiters are friends, not foes: 20:07
  • Hijack the recruiter chat: 22:00
  • Leveraging the recruiter: 24:22

Coding interviews

  • What companies care about:  29:15
  • Common mistakes devs make: 32:12
  • Best resources for learning: 38:53

Design interviews

  • The mindset you need:  41:22
  • The right level of abstraction: 45:01
  • Best resources for learning: 48:48

Behavioral interviews

  • How they're used: 50:57
  • Remembering your best stories: 53:19
  • Show your best side with Amazon's leadership principles: 58:23
  • Tell the story like a STAR: 1:02:16
  • Be curious & ask questions: 1:05:49
  • Manager chat: 1:07:59
  • Handling rejection: 1:09:59
  • Negotiating your offer: 1:13:13
  • Become the interviewer: 1:16:20
  • Recap: 1:21:10
  • Conclusion: 1:24:30

Duration: 1 hour, 25 minutes

Get the Insider's Guide to Passing FAANG Interviews

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