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My sister just wanted to earn some money before returning to college. She found a job posting on craigslist, which she learned too late had been carefully written by scammers. Those people took advantage of her bank website's misleading UI to steal thousands of dollars from her.

This is her story. And the story of hundreds of others who fall prey to the same scam, when there was just one little change the bank could have made to prevent this.

You can read the full story here:

How banks are helping scammers with their bad UI

And now your nuggets for the week:

  1. Make the right behavior easy
  2. Work on what matters
  3. Bet on things that never change

#1 Make the right behavior easy

Identify what friction is blocking your happy path, and remove it whenever you can.

Conversely, make the wrong behaviors hard.

Gergely Orosz describes how Uber used this mindset to enable it's engineers to ship fast

#2 Work on what matters

In his article, Will Larson calls out the different types of projects you could choose to work on, suggesting it's better to do work that's impactful instead of the work that makes you look good.

But it doesn't have to be a binary choice

The benefit of focus, excerpt from

#3 Bet on things that never change

Change is hard to predict. It's much easier to notice the things that will stay the same.

Jeff Bezos bet big on the internet changing the world. But he invested just as heavily on the timeless aspects of consumer psychology.

From Bet on things that never change, by Morgan Housel

The questions Licklider would ask

Your Turn 👊

Something else that never changes:

Scammers will take advantage of any hole in the system to exploit others

These scammers saw the bank was hiding a small bit of information from their customers and used it to scam people out of thousands of dollars

It's a small flaw. With a big impact

Have you ever been scammed? What happened? What did you do?